NABVETS Announces Civil War Book Partnership

The National Association for Black Veterans, Inc. (NABVETS) is pleased to announce that Pulitzer Prize winner Melvin Claxton and the family of his late co-author Mark Puls have agreed to donate to NABVETS 100% of the 2016 royalties from the e-book version of “Uncommon Valor: A Story of Race, and Glory in the Final Battles of the Civil War.” In Uncommon Valor, Claxton and awarding-winning historian Mark Puls tell the story of African American farmers, laborers, and tradesmen who were willing to sacrifice their lives to end slavery, and win respect for their race at a time when much of America shunned them.

Claxton called the donation a small down payment on the great debt owed black soldiers who have risked all for the freedom of their fellow countrymen from the inception of America.

The Uncommon Valor e-book is currently on sale for $9.99 at the following links:  and

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  1. Mr. Epps, I’m sorry for the late reply to the problem you had with the link. The Amazon link and the iTunes link both work if you are still interested in the book. Concerning your request for East Coast locations of NABVETS Chapters, please click on the “About NABVETS” link at the top of this page and then click on “Locations” and select the location you are interested in.

    Thank you for your comments and bringing to our attention the problem you had with the posted link. Please forgive me for all the changes that have been made in my comments to you. I have just began working with this website. Have a blessed day.


  2. I was referred to, and learned of, your organization while visiting the Baltimore VA medical center 11/17/16.
    Robert Reuter, Commissioner, Maryland Veterans Commission shared with me knowledge of your existence, of which
    I was not aware. I would like to know more about your eastern shore activities. Also, I want very much to get a
    copy of book “Uncommon Valor: A Story of Race, and Glory in the Final Battle of the Civil War”. The link for the ebook
    didn’t work for me. Thanks for all your help. WWE


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